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Britain based airline

The Airline of Slovenia

Irish regional carrier to the Aran Islands

Ireland based international service

Germany based charter carrier

Russia based domestic and international service

Ukrainian based carrier
 United Kingdom based charter and scheduled service

Iceland based international carrier

Latvia's national airline, a partner of SAS

Berlin based carrier

SAS owned domestic Finland carrier

Italian regional carrier

Switzerland based carrier
Italy's first privately held intercontinental carrier

France's flag carrier

Tblisi, Georgia based carrier with flights to Frankfurt

Greek passenger carrier

Iceland based regional carrier

French passenger carrier

Lithuania based carrier

Scheduled airline service to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa
British based cargo and passenger carrier

Norweigan carrier

Armenian carrier

Austria's flag carrier

Boznia-Herzegovina based carrier

Macedonian airline

Bulgarian carrier

Canary Islands regional carrier
Norwegian carrier
The airline for Croatia

Greek carrier

Swissair regional affiliate  the 3rd largest number of flights in Europe!

Cyprus based carrier

North Cyprus based carrier

Tallinn, Estonia based affiliate of Maersk Air

Scottish regional carrier

German based European carrier

The Finnish flag carrier

Fly a Russian fighter

An Italian regional carrier

Greenland based international carrier

Sofia based domestic and international air transport

Official site of the Spanish international carrier

The Dutch flag carrier
Poland's national carrier

German based international carrier

Austrian based international service

German based international carrier

Luxembourg based carrier

Denmark based carrier

Budapest based international carrier

Greek national airline
Germany based carrier

Portugal based international carrier

Scandanavian Charter airline

Scandinavia's international carrier

Belgium's flag carrier

Holland based charter fixed wing and helicopter services

Swiss flag carrier

Moscow based international flights
Turkish international passenger carrier
The Yugoslav airline

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